If you’ve been having a hard time with the difficulty of getting your character attuned for raiding in Wildstar, fear not! Carbine has listened and they’re going to relax the process ever so slightly. Dulfy.net has a transcript with the details of the rune and amp system revamp along with the attunement changes.


  • Players get stuck with dungeon silvers – the timers are difficult. We don’t want silvers but instead we are dropping the silver requirement to bronze requirement (complete all optional objectives and kill all the bosses without a timer).
  • World boss – we are going to revise this step to make it easier for players to get through.
  • When players complete Genetic Archives step, the additional step to collect 300 primal patterns to get into 40 man raids will be reduced from 300 to 100.

According to Carbine, it won’t be ready until the next major patch.

Have you completed your attunement? How difficult was it, in your opinion? Do you feel that it should be easier and made more accessible for other players?