Clever. Funny. Sexy. Memorable. You want your guild’s name to reflect something about your philosophy. You want it to stand out amongst the crowd, to get attention, to earn respect. You know what you want your guild name to do, and you know it’s going to be perfect, but you just…don’t quite know what it is yet.

First, think about your guild: what’s it like? Is it a fun guild or a serious guild? Do you PVP, RP, or PVE? Does your guild have a “hook”, like being an all-Gnome guild? Then, begin brainstorming. It might be worthwhile to take some time to browse forums or websites to look for names which stand out to you.

Finally, when narrowing down your ideas, try to keep in mind some possible branding designs. Whether it’s an object, a clever logo, or maybe stylish letters, branding your guild will be key for websites, videos, and watermarks – and some names will take to branding better than others. It’s important to consider stylistic choices, such as punctuation, capitalization, and spacing of the name itself as well. (Don’t worry, we’ll explore this more in-depth in a later post.)

Now, to help you get the creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled a quick guide to the most common archetypes of guild names.

Disclaimer: The guild names mentioned below are, in most cases, real guilds. They are not affiliated with Guild Masters, our writers, or this post. No disrespect is meant to any guild associated with these names; in fact, I pretty much chose them because they’re awesome. Keep on keepin’ on.

The One-Word Name

These are the names that typically feature one word. The One-Word Name works fantastically for logo and branding purposes, especially text- or logo-based branding, because it takes well to a minimalistic approach (e.g. using just the first letter). These names tend to sound fierce or inspiring, and typically, it’s a serious-sounding name for a serious-minded guild. However, keep in mind that these types of names are extremely popular, and essentially amount to the “safe bet” among guild names.

Note: there is a distinct “sub-genre” which takes inspiration from in-game ability names.

Examples: Method, Tyranny, Conquest, Anarchy, Paragon, Impact, Duality, Last Stand, Reckoning.

The Pun Name

My personal favorite. These are the names that often have a pun associated with involving characters or races within the game. However, as you might expect, they tend to be decidedly not serious, and are often harder to brand (depending on the pun, that is). Furthermore, these names tend to be repeated across servers, making them harder to differentiate between and take seriously. That being said, a good Pun Name will certainly be memorable – for better or for worse.

Warning: as a general rule, it is best to avoid trendy or fad-oriented names; while it may sound funny now, think of how it will sound in 3 years when you’re trying to recruit new players.

Examples: Gnomeland Security, Raiding Rainbows, Bovine Intervention, It Burns When I PvP, Hallowed Be Thy Game, U Don’t Gnome Me, Naga Stole My Bike.

The Phrase Name

The Phrase Name adopts a short phrase, usually clever or familiar, and often (but not always) surrounding a common gaming phrase. It combines the cleverness (but not necessarily the humor) of the Pun Name with the snappiness and simplicity of the One-Word Name. These names are often very easy to build a “brand” around, and work well for logos.

Examples: Lusting on Trash, Elitist Jerks, We Wipe on Trash, Challenge Accepted, Farm Status, Topped Off, Seriously Casual, Death and Taxes, Months Behind.

The Unit Designation Name

These are the military-inspired, combat-coded, “Knights of ____” names. They often refer to legion designations, group titles, orders, or similar semantic fields. They can be “modern”, medieval, or anything in-between. They fit in well within a virtual combat-oriented world, and can be as subtle or as blatant as you desire. Branding choices are understandably somewhat limited, but can still be very creative and sharp regardless.

Examples: 501st, Blood Legion, The Horsemen, Ninth Order, Arathian Knights, Black Division, Charlie Foxtrot, AWOL.

The Latin Name

Ah yes, the Latin Name. These names are perhaps the most “classic” guild names, and can be found spanning games and generations. Due to the language itself, these names tend to sound very “justice-oriented”, making them a popular choice for almost any type of guild. My opinion? These names tend to be a bit played-out, and can be difficult for branding due to how similar they all sound. But don’t let that deter you: these names tend to be timeless, and are often a classier choice for any guild.

Examples: Veritas, Ad Infinitum, Invictus, Imperium, In Flagranti, Ominous Latin Words (wait, does that count?).


These names are…well…those names in typed in CAPS LOCK. Now, although this may seem like it’s merely a stylistic choice, it’s a style people either love or hate, and it can have a huge impact on how others interpret your guild. The CAPS LOCK name can combine itself with any of the other categories, and each time it will achieve a slightly different effect; most often, an all-caps name will feel slightly more lighthearted or sarcastic than it would under normal circumstances. Either way, writing in all-caps will cause your guild’s name to stand out from the crowd, which is always a bonus.


The Final Verdict

Name it whatever you want! It’s your guild, after all. Whether it’s a Pun Name, a Latin Name, or somewhere in between, there are tons of options out there, and we’ve only barely scratched the surface. That being said, the best names (subjectively speaking!) appeal to a wide variety of players, and strike a chord with the audience you are trying to reach.

And hey, when in doubt, remember: there’s always the random guild name generator!

What are your favorite guild names?