Stumbled across a rather neat submission post on the Warcraft subreddit. Normally, I try to feature only addons that are an asset or will make life easier for you. In this case though, if you use Weak Auras, you have another set of options. If you’ve been looking for a way to track raid and tank cooldowns but aren’t satisfied with Blood Legion Cooldown or Hermes, there’s an alternative! User Yuqil created a set of Weak Auras that will fit your guild’s needs. You can compare Blood Legion Cooldown on the left of the image above to the Weak Aura adjacent to it.

As the healing officer for my guild, I’m often calling out various raid cooldowns on the fly. I’ve tried various addons; Hermes, BLT and ORA3 but all of them annoy me in one way or another – not actually tracking cooldowns, showing player cooldowns who are subbed out, etc, etc. So using WeakAuras, I’ve created my own system to track raid cooldowns. It comes in four flavors; A tank version showing only the external tank cooldowns, a second tank version with a more Hermes look and feel, a light raid version showing only the raid cooldowns, and a full version showing both raid and external cooldowns.

So how does it all actually work?

The WeakAura will start in the center of your screen and you can drag it to wherever you like. Note: These all are anchored from the bottom and grow upwards. If there is enough need for it, I’ll export some versions that grow downwards instead.

Tank Version:(Download)[2]

Cooldowns tracked:

Tank Version (Alternate Display):(Download)[3]

Cooldowns tracked:

  • Same as the other Tank Version
  • Hand of Sacrifice is all grouped under one title so you won’t be able to tell who’s is ret/holy but that doesn’t really matter

Lite Raid Version:(Download)[4]

Cooldowns tracked:

Full Version:(Download)[5]

Cooldowns tracked:

  • Combined cooldowns from the Tank version and the Raid Lite version

Shared Features:

  • The WeakAuras poll the group every 1.5 seconds (it needs to loop through every player to work out what spec/talents they have) only out of combat which should not have a negative effect on your WoW performance
  • After each loop cycle, it will remove cooldowns from the list if players have for example; left the group, been subbed out, changed talents/specs, etc
  • In the event that combat has started before it has looped through and detected every player, it can still detect abilities as they are cast and add players to the list if needed
  • Hand of Sacrifice is tracked as two separate cooldowns if Clemency is specced (you’ll note in the first screenshot “Sac” and “Sac (2)”)
  • The polling of the group will pause if you are inspecting another player (otherwise my WeakAura would completely prevent you from inspecting anyone)

Let me know how they work for you, if you have any suggestions or if there are any problems. If you get a LUA error, please take a screenshot of it to help me with debugging.

I had the distinct opportunity to try them out in a pickup group last week. Unlike Blood Legion Cooldowns, you won’t be able to interact with each individual cooldown in order to send that player an automatic tell signalling for their cooldown. In other words, you can’t click Hand of Sacrifice to tell the Paladin to use their Hand of Sacrifice. It’s all all about notifications and it relies on you verbally calling for it. I keep mine at the top corner of my screen. Tonight I’ll be trying it out in our guild raids with high hopes and expectations.

I’d like to see the addition of Ancestral Guidance and the inclusion of Hand of Protection, however (or even Hand of Purity if it’s available).