Here’s a fun event that any player can participate in. Fashion contests are a great way to bring players together and allow them to show off their sense of style.

How it works

Start a forum thread or a calendar event. Have a way to notify your players of the impending contest.

Pick a date and set down any rules. Make sure you provide enough time for your players to gather together any gear or dye that they’ll need to customize their outfits. I usually give my guild about a month to put their outfits together.

What about rewards? That’s entirely up to you. Prizes could be pets, gold, mounts, or anything that comes to mind. Bragging rights is another good one.

Go ahead and pick a theme. You want to give your players an objective to aim for or something to unify their entirely look.


  • All one color
  • Seasonal colors
  • No epic quality gear allowed
  • Costume themed

Lastly, on the day of the judging, pick a few non-participants to bring in their opinion. I picked 3 players who weren’t involved with the contest itself to get involved by being the ones to get to pick and choose who they think put together the best looking outfit. You can often get some hilarious looking (and pretty cool) entries!

It’s a great way to get the guild involved together in an event that doesn’t always involve raiding or PvP.

Not sure where to start putting your gear together for your characters?