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Guild Leader’s Handbook

Scott Andrews, a veteran guild leader and columnist at WoW Insider, has put together a book on leading your guild to success. If you’re new to leadership and looking for a primer or an established leader who wants to refine your skills, then this book is for you.

The Guild Leader’s Handbook covers topics such […]

Kurn’s Guides

This is a six-module guide by Kurn on how to be a Kick-Ass Guild Master. The guide looks at different situations and issues that will challenge guild masters over their tenure. Start with module 1 and establish the foundation of your new guild. All the actual work starts before the guild is even formed. […]

Guild Leader’s Companion

This is the 2nd edition of Adam’s book, The Guild Leader’s Companion. Contains excellent example scenarios along with how Adam has dealt with adversity over the years.
Whether you are already a leader or aspire to be one, we all know how challenging it is to run a guild, clan, corp, kinship, or any sort […]