Project Description

This is a six-module guide by Kurn on how to be a Kick-Ass Guild Master. The guide looks at different situations and issues that will challenge guild masters over their tenure. Start with module 1 and establish the foundation of your new guild. All the actual work starts before the guild is even formed. Learn to set down the dates and times of regular guild activities along with the general principles that will govern your guild in most situations. Later modules will cover recruiting, leadership teams, and guild interaction.

Module 1 topics:

  • Laying out guild goals and policies
  • Determining scheduling
  • Factoring in servers and factions
  • And more

Module 2 topics:

  • Handling recruitment
  • Sources of potential applications
  • Turning down¬†players
  • And more

Module 3 topics:

  • Officer churn
  • Disciplining leaders
  • When to promote or demote officers
  • And more

Module 4 topics:

  • Setting up your infrastructure
  • Promoting guild discussion
  • Reprimanding and disciplining members
  • And more

Module 5 topics:

  • Planning for future content and expansions
  • Planning around guild preferences
  • Integrating new players and characters
  • And more

Module 6 topics:

  • Determining the guild successor
  • Smooth transitions
  • Reacting to the rest of your guild
  • And more