Project Description

This is the 2nd edition of Adam’s book, The Guild Leader’s Companion. Contains excellent example scenarios along with how Adam has dealt with adversity over the years.

Whether you are already a leader or aspire to be one, we all know how challenging it is to run a guild, clan, corp, kinship, or any sort of organization. So why try to do it alone?

There is little doubt that taking on a position of leadership requires hard work and dedication. You’re going to be responsible for motivating your team, assigning resources, and all of the managerial intricacies that come with your position. Collected within the pages of The Guild Leader’s Companion you’ll find common sense-based knowledge of a leader that has been in the trenches for over ten years.

That is where The Guild Leader’s Companion comes in! Adam “Ferrel” Trzonkowski has shared his proven advice, strategies, and tactics from his decade-long journey as a successful guild leader. Take a moment to sit down with the 2nd Edition and you will learn everything, good and bad, about leadership. You’ll discover topics that range from dealing with other players to the specifics behind resource management, all framed in Ferrel’s own positivity-driven, socially-focused leadership style.