Apologies for the extended silence. Between BlizzCon and the new Warlords of Draenor launch, my time has been hard pressed and I couldn’t devote the necessary time or effort as much as I’d liked. Guild leaders are now undergoing a new set of problems. Veteran leaders will have been here before and can handle possible social problems that mainly revolve around potential cliques and players feeling left out.
Not everyone can level at an accelerated rate. I didn expect people to keep up with me during my run at Alliance server first.
As players advance to level 100, they begin the inevitable gearing process of running normals or heroics (and challenge modes). The moment there’s enough level 100s to run instances, they’ll tend to band together and go. It makes life easier for everyone and being familiar with the team is far more advantageous than solo queuing into heroics.
The problem starts when there’s more DPS players than there are tank and healer queues. I grouped up with our tanks because it was mutually beneficial. The extra level of coordination and communication allowed us both to grind through instances until both tank and healer are at a high enough item level. We’d take 3 DPS players with us for a full guild group but that often means a few DPS players are left out on the side to fend for themselves on the outside looking in. However, once the tank and the healer attain enough power, now they’re able to queue seperately. Instead of only 3 DPS taking advantage of a fast queue, now there’s 6 DPS because you have a group of 3 that can pair with the tank and another group of 3 who can team up with the healer.
As more tanks and healers reach level 100 and become sufficiently geared, the number of DPS who can join them increases which allows for more gear to be attained and spread out over a large number of players.
Until the guild reaches that stage though, you can expect there to be feelings of resentment and even jealousy. There’s potential here for it to break a guild before raids begin! Your officers need to maintain a positive attitude and atmosphere. Focus on the raids ahead because that’s where the real fun begins. Of course, players should do everything they can to reach the minimum standard that you set for raiding. Our requirements are easy enough to obtain:
  • Reach a minimum 0f 630 ilevel
  • Obtain your 680 legendary ring
  • Have all relevant gear enchanted (and it doesn’t have to be the best or most expensive)
How do you get that gear though? The best way is to start hitting those heroics when you’re able to! If you’re down for a night of grinding through heroics, consider rotating DPS players. What I did was I’d heal 2-3 dungeons. After that, I’d rotate out my players. If I really wanted to optimize it, I’d go for 2 players who were already fairly geared and 1 player who isn’t as geared.
Personal loot or Need Before Greed loot is entirely up to you. But right now, it seems personal loot is the way to go since the number of drops seems to be quite high (but that’ll vary by luck).
Challenge mode is a little trickier. Now that it offers 640 loot at random from the reward box, every player has a little more incentive to pursue it especially now in order to help raise their character power for raids. Unlike heroics however, you can’t simply mash together every group and expect it to succeed. Groups need geared tanks with geared healers. There should be a Heroism/Bloodlust. Multiple interrupts and at least a group stun will go a long way. Buffs need to be maximized. It’s almost always a bad idea to take two of the same class in the same role. Not to mention, there’s a skill check involved. It isn’t heroics where it can simply be face rolled. While good challenge mode players make good raiders, not all good raiders make good challenge mode players. Their shortcomings in a raid environment become more magnified in a smaller group setting. If their raid situational awareness is low, you can bet that bad habit will transfer over accordingly. Some people might get hurt because they weren’t chosen for the initial wave. But you can always rotate them in and out after your first groups go off and succeed.
What we ended up doing was reactivating scheduled raid nights and organizing as many players as possible into character progression groups. It didn’t matter what activities they were working on as long as efforts were made to advance their character. Players who are more independent tend to stuck to themselves and found ways to get gear. Either they bankrolled it themselves or if there wasn’t any room in any present groups, they would attempt to form or find groups on their own until there was availability (such as the in-game group finder). Other players who lacked that level of fortitude simply just sat there waiting for someone to invite them or for a group to announce that they had a vacancy. I worry for the latter as it demonstrates an inability to take any kind of initiative on their own and having to wait around for someone to organize things for them.
Anyway,  this dungeon grinding and gearing business will become irrelevant once the raid doors open.