My guild likes to remind me to enable guild repairs on raid nights. I often forget to do it. Not their fault, but with all the preparation and pre-raid organizing, it’s easy to forget to turn it on. I suspect for many guild masters out there, the real problem is disabling guild repairs after a raid is over. That translates to funds that are lost to non-raid day repairs either on purpose or accidentally. I’m sure when it’s used outside of raid, it happens to be someone who mistakenly clicks the wrong button. But hey, with NomGuildRepair, it takes care of that for you.

Note that the addon only works for the GM. If a player is in raid, this addon will activate repairs when you zone in (or activate a loading screen). If you’re not in a raid, it will turn off repairs when you see a loading screen again. There’s a setting in the options that allows you to choose which ranks you would like to have it activated for. You can also set it to disable repairs when you log out of the game. Addon is practically a must for raiding guilds that offer repairs.
Really handy for us forgetful types!