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Here at Guild Masters, we talk a lot about what makes a good guild. We also talk a lot about the strong leadership that goes into those good guilds. Sometimes, if we’re feeling nice, we’ll even mention what we mean by “strong leadership” and “good guilds”. However, what we often fail to mention is how those expectations can change depending on your guild’s particular focus. Here’s a quick no-nonsense guide to the responsibilities of your guild’s leadership, both in general and specific to your guild’s focus.

Note: Let it be known that I’ve never lead a non-PvE raiding guild, though I have been an observer or member of most types of guild. With that caveat, here is a rough listing of the responsibilities, as I see them, of the leadership for different guild niches.

Any Guild

All guilds, regardless of type, will benefit from having these regulations in-place long before they set foot in their chosen activity. Although they will vary in integration depending on your guild’s particular focus, a strong leadership core will generally find these responsibilities fall to them no matter what:

  • Guidance of Focus (i.e. choosing and maintaining your guild’s stated philosophy; in other words, making sure a PvE Raiding guild is primarily participating in PvE activities).
  • A reliable and active recruitment process.
  • Acceptable behavior standards (both during your chosen activity as well as in general).
  • Develop and enforce guild standards.
  • Purchase and maintain guild communication (Website, Vent/Mumble/TS, Email Chain, Phone list as required).
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Shared resource management (i.e. guild banks, consumables, gold supply, perks, recipes, etc).
  • Event organization and general scheduling (including mandatory vs non-mandatory events).
  • Documentation of required information (applications, character summaries, logs, etc).
  • Upkeep of guild standards, goals, achievements, and accomplishments, as required.

PvE Raiding Guild

Perhaps the most common of guild focus types in today’s gaming world, the PvE Raiding Guild focuses on downing difficult bosses as a team in a PvE environment. This category includes any guild which makes PvE content its focus, regardless of their level of commitment. As a member of this leadership core, expect your job to contain these responsibilities:

  • Decide upon and enforce the commitment level of the guild: hardcore, casual, or somewhere in-between.
  • Research (zones, bosses, classes, specs, patches, etc).
  • Set raid strategies and communicate them to raiders.
  • Create and maintain a reliable loot distribution system.
  • Set expectations of raid behavior and raider preparedness (e.g. currency allocation, consumables, gearing, and strategical preparedness).
  • Set guild goals and schedule.
  • Maintain PvE-specific guild assets (i.e. logs, WoWProgress, roster, and achievements/dates).
  • Class/Role leadership.

PvP “Raiding” Guild

The PvP Raiding Guild focuses on organized, guild-based PvP activity. From rated battlegrounds to open-world PvP and all the arenas in-between, these officers should expect their responsibilities to include:

  • Decide and enforce the commitment level of the guild: hardcore, casual, or somewhere in-between.
  • Decide and promote specific PvP focus (i.e. arenas, RBGs, open-world, etc).
  • Research – zones, pvp objectives, classes, patches, etc.
  • Team building and regulation, as required.
  • Set PvP strategies and communicate them to raiders.
  • Set expectations of PvP behavior (interactions with team members as well as other teams, including actions like flaming, rage-quitting, AFKing, or refusing to play.)
  • Set expectations of raider preparedness (e.g. currency allocation, consumables, gearing, and strategical preparedness).
  • Class/Role leadership.

Role-Playing Guild

Ah, the Role-Playing Guild. Although it is oft misunderstood and certainly less prolific than its raiding-oriented cousins, the RP guild is nevertheless still alive and vibrant to those who seek it, a haven for the creative and imaginative amongst us. The creation and maintenance of the role-playing environment is of utmost importance to this guild’s leadership core, and they face unique responsibilities including:

  • Decide on role-play frequency: light, medium, or heavy.
  • Decide on role-play style: RP, RP-PvP, RP-PvE, or RP-PvP-PvE (and their establishment within your RP story).
  • Create overarching guild plot (and guild moral alignment) and communicate it clearly.
  • Craft environment (both the initial creation as well as maintenance and regulation of the activity).
  • IC/OOC protocol and expectations (i.e. IC vs OOC drama, blacklisted archetypes, etc).
  • Track character and story development.
  • Role-playing guidance.
  • Event Organization (private and public).
  • Establish IC and OOC connections with other guilds.

If you have anything to add that I’m missing please let me know in a comment.

I had intended to make this a complete guide to expansion guild planning, but this post is already too long and I’ve only just begun. So in order to keep you from falling asleep and bolster my post count, I’ve decided to make this a multi-parter.