Earlier today, accusations were levelled against KLG for having their guild boosted to 7/7 Mythic. This was noticed by Midwinter’s Vigilate before it started appearing on the official Warcraft forums.

Blizzard is taking a closer look and will be investigating to see if any foul play was involved.

In less than 24 hours they killed Mythic Ko’ragh and Imperator Mar’grok, those guys are definitely cheating. This situation needs to be investigated, it’s just disrespectful to all the other guilds who are progressing on that fight.

Anyone can buy a boost (account-sharing) to get a realm first without being punished? I don’t think so Blizz.

This situation is being investigated and, if confirmed, the appropriate actions will be taken. The reported behavior is a violation of the Terms of Use to which all players agree before entering the game.


This follows recent activity where prominent streamer Reckful had his account closed for sharing and playing on accounts provided by other players which is firmly against Blizzard’s terms of service.

It is possible that KLG caught a hot streak and managed to defeat the current hardest boss in the game with exceptional play and fortune. Or perhaps they had help in the form of phenomenal coaching from top end guilds who were observing streams and offering live feedback and corrections (and if that’s so, what are their rates?).

In any case, there are numerous signs that a top end guild took them up on their offer and played KLG’s characters for them.

A player from US 6th guild Nightmare Asylum claims that they were offered multiple characters and a starting price of $1500 to obtain the Mythic Imperator kill and associated rewards. That’s around $75 per player.

Food for thought, we were approached and asked if we would carry them, they offered us 22-25 678 ilvl characters to nearest match our comp of choosing and the starting price was $1500. We instantly declined.

I can say that *at least* the top 6 us guilds were all asked and many turned them down. So just start crossing names off of the list and you’ll have your culprit.

I’m 98% sure I know who it is, but I won’t name any names.


In an apparently deleted Facebook post, KLG ominously stated that the reason they kill Imperator within 20 hours of Ko’ragh is that for a small fee, a Realm First can be purchased.

Many of you will wonder how we did it so fast if only 19 hours ago killed Ko’ragh, well the answer is simple, for a small fee you can buy many things including internet you can buy a Realm first. So thank you for your support and boys who helped kill the last boss, and see the following content.

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It’s a huge stretch.

Top guilds that have taken down Imperator spent hundreds of hours on attempts before they earned their kill and KLG just comes in and manages to roll it over within a day? The circumstances are awfully fishy but it isn’t completely beyond the realm of possibility.

The only truly legal way of something like this happening is if all players from a top tier guild decided to transfer their characters over willingly and completely of their own accord to the boosted guild and assisted them with their kills.

Piloting involves account sharing and players giving their login information to other players for them to gain access to it which is expressly forbidden by Blizzard’s terms.

How is this different than previous expansions when guilds were selling gear, mount, and title runs?

For one, it typically involved the buyer transferring their character to the carrying guild and being boosted up that way. Gold typically exchanged hands and the only real money involved was with character transaction fees from the service (since no one should be blatant enough to voice that actual money was used for payoffs).

Second, at that point in the expansion, the progression races were all but over and the players wanted to see the rest of the content and help themselves to any gear that wasn’t necessary.

Had KLG pulled this off months later when Blackrock Foundry was released or tier 19 was considered current content without the realm first achievements on the line, this incident could have escaped notice.

Regardless, if any of you here were considering buying your way to the top, I’d strongly advise against it.