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Raiding Business

Advice and tips on managing your raid environment.

Secrets and Transparency

Secrets, secrets, and more secrets. What level of privacy are GMs expected to uphold? What should we keep from the rest of the guild? What aspects should GMs be transparent about? We almost came close to burying this episode.

In this episode we discuss…

Personal issues
Changing guild directions
Decisions affected by things that can’t be publically disclosed
When transparency […]

Raid Communication 101

The first week of a new raid instance tends to be tough. Players aren’t as familiar with the encounters. You can’t rely on gear as much to carry you or overpower the challenges. Raid leaders have to be on the ball when they’re issuing commands while the encounter is live. This weekend, I joined […]

What Skills do Heroic Raiders Need?

Several nights ago, my guild was working on Siegecrafter Blackfuse. Argued as one of the more difficult (albeit satisfying) encounters of the game, I can see where much of the frustration stems from. There are so many events going on that it can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned of players.

If you’re not […]

3 Solutions for Effective Raid Pulling

Finally, your guild sits in front of a new boss. Excitement is in the air as everyone wants to start pulling and progressing further into the new raid. You, the raid leader, have spent endless hours outside the game coming up with the right strategy for this moment, determining the most efficient way to use the […]