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Player Management

Secrets and Transparency

Secrets, secrets, and more secrets. What level of privacy are GMs expected to uphold? What should we keep from the rest of the guild? What aspects should GMs be transparent about? We almost came close to burying this episode.

In this episode we discuss…

Personal issues
Changing guild directions
Decisions affected by things that can’t be publically disclosed
When transparency […]

Parting with Players

Raid rosters can often be volatile. The current state of raiding means players that are raiding with a guild one week might not be here the next as they explore other options. With so many mythic raiding guilds, players have plenty of choices to choose from. If you’re leaving a guild you like, it’s […]

Compromising for Progression

This week, we discuss the different kinds of sacrifices that we make in the name of progression. It could be in terms of players or pursuing content that’s already been completed. Guildmasters have reasons for everything not every decision is always as simple.

In this episode we discuss…

Compromising for progression
Putting up with players you otherwise […]

A Closer Look at the Trial Process

As a guild, what should we be doing when it comes to looking at new players coming in? We discuss the different factors that should assessed for all potential applicants along with processes once a player’s trial period is over.

In this episode we discuss…

The interview stage
Factors in a recruit’s trial
Securing feedback from your officers […]

Rapid Benching

Sometimes you just have to bench players.

We reached Imperator that night. The phases were explained and introduced gradually. That is, I explained the first phase and the four abilities and how we would react before cueing the tanks to pull. I didn’t want to go into detail on the later parts of the encounter […]

The Healing Officer

Today, we look at the healing officer. Depending on the size of your guild, their responsibilities will range from a small number such as setting up cooldowns on the fly or a broader array such as recruiting and critique.
At the heart of it, a healing officer works with other officers in the raid on […]

Players Feeling Left Out?

Apologies for the extended silence. Between BlizzCon and the new Warlords of Draenor launch, my time has been hard pressed and I couldn’t devote the necessary time or effort as much as I’d liked. Guild leaders are now undergoing a new set of problems. Veteran leaders will have been here before and can handle […]

What Defines a Core Raider?

Have you ever come across recruiting posts specifying that they’re looking for a core raider? Is there a major difference between that and a standard raider?

Allow me to explain here.

No guild is stable without a firm backbone. Sure you have your officers, your raid leader, and guild master to help direct traffic and handle […]

The Tough Stuff: Dealing with a Mid-Raid Quitter

Maybe someone else won the robes. Maybe they’re tired of wiping to the same mechanics. Maybe they’ve got beef with that one rogue. Maybe they’ve been arguing with you in tells for half an hour, or maybe it’s out of the blue, but they skipped over everything else and went straight for the most […]

A Guildmaster’s Guide to Dealing with Raider Burnout

Whether we’ve seen it in friends or experienced it ourselves, we have all witnessed gaming burnout. Of course, it is a natural part of the raiding life cycle – but when the conditions are right, it can spread faster through a guild than wildfire through a forest. It can feel like one of the […]