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Guild Leadership vs Raid Leadership

One of the common questions asked by new GMs or new raid leaders is what are the key differences or similarities between the two positions. In smaller guilds, the raid leader is the guild leader. In larger guilds, it’s often beneficial to separate the two roles especially if there is more than one raid team. If […]

What Skills do Heroic Raiders Need?

Several nights ago, my guild was working on Siegecrafter Blackfuse. Argued as one of the more difficult (albeit satisfying) encounters of the game, I can see where much of the frustration stems from. There are so many events going on that it can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned of players.

If you’re not […]

Building an Officer Team

Start small – Many new guild leaders select their officers from their first few recruits. However, your guild and its needs will grow and change a lot in the first few month. I recommend choosing one officer out of your first ten recruits and temporarily place them in charge of recruitment. Unless you find […]

Leadership Responsibilities and You: A Primer

This post was resurrected from Chick GM.
Here at Guild Masters, we talk a lot about what makes a good guild. We also talk a lot about the strong leadership that goes into those good guilds. Sometimes, if we’re feeling nice, we’ll even mention what we mean by “strong leadership” and “good guilds”. However, what […]

3 Solutions for Effective Raid Pulling

Finally, your guild sits in front of a new boss. Excitement is in the air as everyone wants to start pulling and progressing further into the new raid. You, the raid leader, have spent endless hours outside the game coming up with the right strategy for this moment, determining the most efficient way to use the […]

How to Handle Bad Days

This is a previously featured post on Chick GM.

So you’ve had a bad day. Your dog threw up on the carpet, your fish died and someone backed into your car in the parking lot. Some days just suck, but how do you keep real life suck from affecting your WoW time?
What happened?
Some things that […]

Behind the Scenes: the Recruiting Officer

In my guild, we have never utilized a person who was solely in charge of recruiting. There was never a single recruiting officer. It was an open ended recruiting system where if anyone in the raid spotted players out in the field that looked like they fit or a personal profile on a forum […]

11 Questions to Ask Before Being an Officer

Here’s another classic post from Chick GM that has been resurrected.

Are you interested in becoming a part of your guild’s leadership team? It’s a heavy burden and can be a hard work. However, it’s a a compliment from your leaders if they think you’re up for the job. If your guild leader offers you […]

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