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The latest advice and tips on running your guild and working with your officers.

Parting with Players

Raid rosters can often be volatile. The current state of raiding means players that are raiding with a guild one week might not be here the next as they explore other options. With so many mythic raiding guilds, players have plenty of choices to choose from. If you’re leaving a guild you like, it’s […]

Choosing Your Officers

While the guild leader may be the face of the guild, they need a strong support staff backing them up. This week, we examine the different officer qualities you should be on the lookout for along with the process in reeling potential members for your leadership team.

In this episode we discuss…

Officer candidacy
Quantity of officers
Leadership […]

Compromising for Progression

This week, we discuss the different kinds of sacrifices that we make in the name of progression. It could be in terms of players or pursuing content that’s already been completed. Guildmasters have reasons for everything not every decision is always as simple.

In this episode we discuss…

Compromising for progression
Putting up with players you otherwise […]

Behind the Scenes: The Roleplaying Guildmaster

Here at the Guildmasters, we seek to explore and examine leadership from guilds of all types. Most traditional guilds tend to focus on raiding and progression which leads to most of our content being based around that. One thing that I’ve always wondered about was the workings of a roleplay guild. How do GMs […]

The Long Winded Raid Leader

Have you ever joined a pickup raid where the raid leader literally spends more time explaining the entire encounter then it takes for the encounter itself?

I’ve even heard of certain guild leaders who fall into this trap. Maybe we just like hearing our own voices.

Many a player have fallen into a state of boredom […]

65 Guild Leadership Tips I Learned in 7 Years

After supervising Conquest and watching it grow to where it is now over the past 7 years, I wanted to take an opportunity to share a few things that I picked up. If you’re not a raiding guild, some of these might not apply to you.
On Raid Leading
Manage time and expectations – Know what your […]

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The Healing Officer

Today, we look at the healing officer. Depending on the size of your guild, their responsibilities will range from a small number such as setting up cooldowns on the fly or a broader array such as recruiting and critique.
At the heart of it, a healing officer works with other officers in the raid on […]

A Lesson from Great Britain’s Tour de France Team

Welcome to every Tuesday ever. I’m going to help shed a little insight on what goes on behind the scenes here in the war room where we make all these kinds of decisions when it comes to rosters and objectives.

Before raid, we ask ourselves the following questions regarding resets:

Are our experienced/geared tanks here?
Is our […]

Expansion Preparation Part 1: Review and Reflection

It’s the end of the expansion and you want to put yourself in a better position for the next one. Before making any kind of changes, the first question you need to ask yourself is if you’re happy with where you and your guild ended up. Take some time to really reflect on this […]

Running a Multi-Gaming Guild

When you think of guilds, many of them are limited to one game title. Rare is a guild that can sustain itself on more than one title simultaneously.

You might be asking yourself why would a guild want to participate in more than one game at a time. In my experience, I’ve found that often the […]