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11 Questions to Ask Before Being an Officer

Here’s another classic post from Chick GM that has been resurrected.

Are you interested in becoming a part of your guild’s leadership team? It’s a heavy burden and can be a hard work. However, it’s a a compliment from your leaders if they think you’re up for the job. If your guild leader¬†offers you […]

By |July 10th, 2014|All, Leadership|1 Comment

A Guildmaster’s Guide to Dealing with Raider Burnout

Whether we’ve seen it in friends or experienced it ourselves, we have all witnessed gaming burnout. Of course, it is a natural part of the raiding life cycle – but when the conditions are right, it can spread faster through a guild than wildfire through a forest. It can feel like one of the […]

Beware of Social Loafing

There’s an old Japanese story known as “Ten Jugs of Wine”. Being in the same guild doesn’t necessarily translate to working together as a coheisve unit. In the story, there are ten old men who want to celebrate an important occasion with some hot sake. What’s a Japanese get together without sake, right? None […]