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Addons, Tools, and Services

Information about tools and services that will help you direct your guild and improve overall quality of life.

Raid Communication 101

The first week of a new raid instance tends to be tough. Players aren’t as familiar with the encounters. You can’t rely on gear as much to carry you or overpower the challenges. Raid leaders have to be on the ball when they’re issuing commands while the encounter is live. This weekend, I joined […]

NomGuildRepair: Automated Guild Repair Addon

My guild likes to remind me to enable guild repairs on raid nights. I often forget to do it. Not their fault, but with all the preparation and pre-raid organizing, it’s easy to forget to turn it on. I suspect for many guild masters out there, the real problem is disabling guild repairs after a raid […]

Track Player Guild History with Wowtrack!

One of the burning questions guild recruiters want answered is whether or not a applicant is a guild hopper. Guilds tend to look for players who are in it for the long haul. Someone who has a history of changing guilds every few weeks might signify a problem. Even if it isn’t, it’s still […]

How to Track Your Guild’s Attendance

DPS meters aren’t the only metric that should matter. There’s another one that’s far more important: Attendance.

Raiders who consistently show up are often better than the ones who don’t (or can’t). Why? Because they actually do damage when they’re there! Thankfully, there’s a variety of services out there that can help you with that. […]