Start small – Many new guild leaders select their officers from their first few recruits. However, your guild and its needs will grow and change a lot in the first few month. I recommend choosing one officer out of your first ten recruits and temporarily place them in charge of recruitment. Unless you find yourself with a pressing need for more officers, wait until your initial recruitment phase has died down before promoting an anyone else. When you are considering promoting a member to an officer, give them a trial task first For example, ask a potential officer to rewrite your recruitment message or a lead an informal event. . Promote one officer at a time and give them two weeks to a month to acclimate to the team before promoting another. As each officer is promoted, have a group conversation about the current workload and how they can contribute. While your officer core is small it is likely that you share jobs, but make sure at the end of every conversation that each identified task has one officer who is accountable for making sure the the task is completed.

Selecting officers – In the right situation, any player can make an excellent officer. If your gut tells you that someone would be a good fit, try them out and see what they can do. none If your gut needs some guidance, I recommend promoting the following personality types.

  • The Researcher – This person tends to have a list of in game goals and works to achieve them. They spend time reading information outside of the game in order to make their game time more productive. Researchers with strong interpersonal skills make great player development officers. Researchers who communicate quickly and command respect make great raid leaders.
  • The Motivator – This person is great at getting your guild to work together to accomplish a goal. They tend to organize spontaneous events and make guild chat more fun when they are around. Motivators are great people to have in an guild, but they only make good officers if they are more skilled than the average member of your guild. Motivators make ideal recruitment officers or player development officers.
  • The Teacher – The teacher understands something fundamental about the game that the are willing and able to explain it to others. Teachers make great player development officers or communication/documentation officers and work well with Researchers for projects that require more than one person.
  • The Ombudsman – This person is a good listener who is good at calming down people who are upset. If you promote an ombudsman, have a long conversation with them first. As long as they share your goals for the guild and your plan to achieve those goals, they make excellent officers. An Ombudsman can quickly turns a guild against you if they disagree with your goals or methods. Ombudsman make excellent recruitment officers and communication/documentation officers.
  • The Pedantic – This person will correct your grammar, lore, math, etc. If you aren’t a detail oriented person, you should seek out at least one officer who is. I recommend avoiding this personality type in duties that require strong interpersonal skills. Pedantics make ideal attendance trackers, loot distributors and  bank managers.
  • The General – A General is used to issuing orders that are followed. A good general is quick to assess a situation and determine the best course of action. If you prefer to issue orders, I recommend that you avoid promoting a General. If you have a more gentle touch, I recommend seeking out a General. Generals make ideal raid leaders.

Once you have four officers or you are no longer recruiting, read our follow up post on Organizing Officers for tips about reevaluating your officer base and building a permanent leadership structure. Make sure you’re all on the same page with regards to guild responsibilities and direction.