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What’s in a Name? Common Guild Name Archetypes to Help You Name Your Guild

Clever. Funny. Sexy. Memorable. You want your guild’s name to reflect something about your philosophy. You want it to stand out amongst the crowd, to get attention, to earn respect. You know what you want your guild name to do, and you know it’s going to be perfect, but you just…don’t quite know what it is yet.

First, […]

How to Handle Bad Days

This is a previously featured post on Chick GM.

So you’ve had a bad day. Your dog threw up on the carpet, your fish died and someone backed into your car in the parking lot. Some days just suck, but how do you keep real life suck from affecting your WoW time?
What happened?
Some things that […]

How to Track Your Guild’s Attendance

DPS meters aren’t the only metric that should matter. There’s another one that’s far more important: Attendance.

Raiders who consistently show up are often better than the ones who don’t (or can’t). Why? Because they actually do damage when they’re there! Thankfully, there’s a variety of services out there that can help you with that. […]

Behind the Scenes: the Recruiting Officer

In my guild, we have never utilized a person who was solely in charge of recruiting. There was never a single recruiting officer. It was an open ended recruiting system where if anyone in the raid spotted players out in the field that looked like they fit or a personal profile on a forum […]

The Tough Stuff: Dealing with a Mid-Raid Quitter

Maybe someone else won the robes. Maybe they’re tired of wiping to the same mechanics. Maybe they’ve got beef with that one rogue. Maybe they’ve been arguing with you in tells for half an hour, or maybe it’s out of the blue, but they skipped over everything else and went straight for the most […]

Anatomy of a Guild Application

This post was originally written by the wonderful Chick GM. I’ve kept many of her answers intact, but added a few of my own.

Let me preface this by saying there are lots of opinions about guild applications. My opinion is but one of many. However, you’ve chosen to visit my corner of the intarwebz, […]

11 Questions to Ask Before Being an Officer

Here’s another classic post from Chick GM that has been resurrected.

Are you interested in becoming a part of your guild’s leadership team? It’s a heavy burden and can be a hard work. However, it’s a a compliment from your leaders if they think you’re up for the job. If your guild leader offers you […]

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A Guildmaster’s Guide to Dealing with Raider Burnout

Whether we’ve seen it in friends or experienced it ourselves, we have all witnessed gaming burnout. Of course, it is a natural part of the raiding life cycle – but when the conditions are right, it can spread faster through a guild than wildfire through a forest. It can feel like one of the […]

Beware of Social Loafing

There’s an old Japanese story known as “Ten Jugs of Wine”. Being in the same guild doesn’t necessarily translate to working together as a coheisve unit. In the story, there are ten old men who want to celebrate an important occasion with some hot sake. What’s a Japanese get together without sake, right? None […]