In my guild, we have never utilized a person who was solely in charge of recruiting. There was never a single recruiting officer. It was an open ended recruiting system where if anyone in the raid spotted players out in the field that looked like they fit or a personal profile on a forum advertising for a guild, they were immediately referred to the leadership. One of the officers would then make an attempt to get in touch. It was a loose operation and wasn’t as efficient nor as fruitful as we had desired. For the upcoming expansion, I had to put something more concrete and refined in place.

After discussing with other leaders, having an individual or a team specifically dedicated to recruiting seems like the best way to go. All the responsibilities that come with recruiting might be overwhelming for just one person. For a 25 man, a standard team would involve the GM, the raid leader, and a designated officer. While they may each have different roles, when it comes to recruiting, some of the responsibilities may overlap.

As raid leaders are the people who best know what the guild needs, they’re typically the ones who make the call on what classes and roles need to be filled.

What does a recruiting officer do?

“[The] recruiting officers main responsibility is to ensure that a guild has enough people to accomplish the goals of the guild. For a raiding guild, this involves making sure the guild has the right classes to defeat boss encounters, but also ensure that new players have the right experience and personality.”

That was the answer that prominent resto druid blogger (Restokin) and accomplished GM Lissanna gave me when I asked her what a recruiting officer does. Typically, this does not include disciplinary action. Most recruiting officers handle acquiring new players into the guild but are seldom involved with the separation process if players do not meet the requirements.

Ideally, your recruiting team is adept enough to recognize players who best suit your guild. They need to do the basic things like identifying what type of player they are reaching out to. A 4 day raiding guild won’t be interested in a casual player who’s only looking to do 2 nights a week.

In addition, recruiters who want to excel should have a basic understanding of how each class plays and what their stat priorities are. It’s not uncommon for recruiters to tap into the expertise of other players in the guild for this.

Lastly, your recruiters are going to need to have some serious time and patience on their hands.

Where Should They Recruit From?

Okay, so you’ve got your recruiting team in place. Now they need areas to go to scour for players and to post their guild ads. Thankfully, there are many populated communities and resources in place for this!

WoW Lemmings
This is a site that aggregates many of the more popular forums into one easy to browse location which includes the Warcraft official forums and MMO-Champion among others.

View WoW Lemmings

WoW Progress
Open Raid
MMO-Champion and WoWHead
In-game Trade Chat
Pro Raiders

A Look at the Responsibilities

Cold calling potential players

This is what separates recruiters from headhunters. Cold-calling can range anywhere from referrals, browsing logs, keeping an eye out on guild break-ups, and can really get you in the door. The real job of a recruitment officer or team is to actively seek out applicants and approach them – in-game mails, tells, PMs, or smoke signals. Do whatever it takes to actively go after people. If you find any potential players in the above sites, go after them. Be relentless until they’re not interested or can’t.

Post ads in game

A macro can be used for in-game purposes. I typically do this if I’m doing a quick round on the auction house or settling in for some fishing in a major city. Indicate what type of content you’re aiming for. Mention the raid size if it’s applicable (Although in the case of Warlords, mentioning Mythic implies 20 man). List what bosses you have killed in the current tier. List what roles or classes you’re specifically looking for. Finally, include your website if you have one.

<Conquest> Recruiting for now and Warlords for Mythic content! 11/14 HM SoO 25. LF DPS and healers. :: ::

Post ads on forums

Posting ads on the forums is another way to potentially attract players. Keep an eye on it during the day though as it can often progress to the next pages thereby losing potential viewers. Be creative with your post and include all necessary, relevant information. Try not to detail too much about guild philosophies or ideals here as that type of stuff should be on your website instead. Understand that many players will be pouring through forums looking for guilds that best fit them and may skip over yours if it’s too long. Include battletags of the recruiting team, details of your raid, any notable guild accomplishments, loot systems, along with any other pertinent information.

Add Battletag#1001 if you’re interested in discussing options.Conquest is a 25 man Alliance World of Warcraft raiding guild on US-Ner’zhul. We’re currently at 11/14 Heroic 25 in SoO. We formed at the end of Burning Crusade and are one of the oldest and most stable guilds on the server.

Raid times: M, Tu, Th. 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM PST
WoW Progress:
Loot system: Loot council
Voice client: Mumble

About Conquest

Tier 16: 11/14H 25m SoO
Tier 15: 9/13H 25m ToT
Tier 14: 5/6H MSV 25m | 3/6H HoF 25m | 1/4H ToeS 25m

Tier 13: 8/8 hard mode
Tier 12: 5/7 HM
Tier 11: 7/13 HM
Bastion of Twilight 25M: 2/5 HM
Blackwing Descent 25M: 4/6 HM
Throne of the 4 Winds 25M: 1/2 HM

Icecrown Citadel: 11/12 HM, Drakes earned
Trial of the Grand Crusader: 4/5 25 man
Ulduar 12/12: Heartbreaker, Orbituary, One Light 25 man
Undying Title earned 10 man
Naxxramas cleared on 25 man

Raiders are expected to uphold a 90% attendance rate. We do keep a bench and we will make use of it in the event of attendance issues or if players need to be swapped for progression reasons.


– Guild repairs
– Feasts
– Subsidized augments (Enchants, etc)
– 1 free drink at BlizzCon

Other games

In addition, Conquest is not just a raiding guild. We’re also a multigaming organization with a large player base in League of Legends. We don’t just raid together. We game together.

About Ner’zhul

Ner’zhul is one of the original servers premiering with World of Warcraft. It hosts thousands of players who typically reside in the Pacific region. From a raiding perspective, Ner’zhul has a number of top quality raiding guilds. It is also a part of the Bloodlust battlegroup (BG 9).

Still interested?

The Follow Up

Don’t simply wait for players to come to you. If you see players that are looking for guilds who have listed their battle tags or other forms of communication, add them and message them. Otherwise, someone else will and you’ll have lost out on a potential player. Introduce yourself to them. You’re about to put on your guild salesman hat. Why should they join your guild? Is it a friendly place that’s accepting to all types of players? Is it for only the most dedicated raiders? Or is your guild leaning more towards the PvP side of things? You’re not going to be able to pull off recruiting very well if you can’t highlight a few things about it. How long has the guild been around for? Has it accomplished any notable achievements or kills?

Once you’ve finished explaining, ask them if they have any questions for you and make sure you leave them your guild’s website and a way they can get in touch with you.

If you’re responding to a player’s general post, take some effort to at least personalize your reply a bit. We’re at the point where guilds copy and paste the same stuff so it does mean much to them if you at least try to acknowledge their uniqueness. Address their name, recognize a few things about their situation, or their interests. Just do something to stand out a little bit and demonstrate you’ve read their original post.

If they’ve agreed, great! Point them to your guild’s recruiting application (if there is one) or finalize a way they can sign on for a trial run.

Recruiting a constant on-going job. Don’t be caught off guard. Players can leave at anytime for any reason and you need to have enough depth to really sustain your progression.