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About matticus

Regular contributor. Guild leader of <Conquest>. World of Warcraft Priest. Hearthstone player. A Hero of the Storm. See his other work at World of Matticus. Follow him on Twitter: @matticus.

Encouraging Raid and Player Attendance

Guilds seem to be hitting hard times when it comes to recruiting and attendance. The actual topic of top level progression guilds shutting down will be explored at a later time.

For now, we look at different buttons we can press to encourage players to show up and raid. Aren’t you tired of raiders coming […]

By |February 23rd, 2015|All, Radio|2 Comments

Raid Communication 101

The first week of a new raid instance tends to be tough. Players aren’t as familiar with the encounters. You can’t rely on gear as much to carry you or overpower the challenges. Raid leaders have to be on the ball when they’re issuing commands while the encounter is live. This weekend, I joined […]

The Long Winded Raid Leader

Have you ever joined a pickup raid where the raid leader literally spends more time explaining the entire encounter then it takes for the encounter itself?

I’ve even heard of certain guild leaders who fall into this trap. Maybe we just like hearing our own voices.

Many a player have fallen into a state of boredom […]

65 Guild Leadership Tips I Learned in 7 Years

After supervising Conquest and watching it grow to where it is now over the past 7 years, I wanted to take an opportunity to share a few things that I picked up. If you’re not a raiding guild, some of these might not apply to you.
On Raid Leading
Manage time and expectations – Know what your […]

By |January 27th, 2015|All, Leadership|4 Comments

Guild Accused of Boosting Being Investigated

Earlier today, accusations were levelled against KLG for having their guild boosted to 7/7 Mythic. This was noticed by Midwinter’s Vigilate before it started appearing on the official Warcraft forums.

Blizzard is taking a closer look and will be investigating to see if any foul play was involved.
In less than 24 hours they killed Mythic […]

By |January 9th, 2015|All|0 Comments

Happy New Year! What are Your Guild Leadership Resolutions for 2015?

It’s been quiet during the past few weeks as I was winding down for the rest of 2014. In the past, I would’ve had “Best Of” type posts from throughout the year but the blog’s still a little new and I didn’t feel that it warranted that just yet.

Here we are with the start […]

By |January 5th, 2015|All|5 Comments

Rapid Benching

Sometimes you just have to bench players.

We reached Imperator that night. The phases were explained and introduced gradually. That is, I explained the first phase and the four abilities and how we would react before cueing the tanks to pull. I didn’t want to go into detail on the later parts of the encounter […]

The Healing Officer

Today, we look at the healing officer. Depending on the size of your guild, their responsibilities will range from a small number such as setting up cooldowns on the fly or a broader array such as recruiting and critique.
At the heart of it, a healing officer works with other officers in the raid on […]

Players Feeling Left Out?

Apologies for the extended silence. Between BlizzCon and the new Warlords of Draenor launch, my time has been hard pressed and I couldn’t devote the necessary time or effort as much as I’d liked. Guild leaders are now undergoing a new set of problems. Veteran leaders will have been here before and can handle […]

A Lesson from Great Britain’s Tour de France Team

Welcome to every Tuesday ever. I’m going to help shed a little insight on what goes on behind the scenes here in the war room where we make all these kinds of decisions when it comes to rosters and objectives.

Before raid, we ask ourselves the following questions regarding resets:

Are our experienced/geared tanks here?
Is our […]