RaiderBro asks:

What’s a good way to define your guild’s focus heading into Warlords?

Tulani: First of all, take stock – and by that I mean really take some time to think about what you accomplished this past expansion, what your goals were, and what you want to “be” going into a new expansion. Maybe your guild cleared normals but next expansion you really want to push more Mythic content, or maybe you’re extremely happy with where your guild is; either way, now is the time to re-evaluate where you are and align it with where you want to be. If you have officer forums, make a lot of different topics to cover (e.g. “raid scheduling”, “attendance policies”, etc) and put them up where your officer core can weigh in on them. Start a discussion about what you think worked and what didn’t, what you want to change and what you want to stay the same. If you don’t want to change anything, start discussions about what you should do to improve what already was working. Work toward a concrete plan for all different facets of the guild. Get all the officers on the same page, then announce plans to the guild once they’re solid. Begin to put the wheels in motion in terms of any major changes (retirements, large shifts in focus, etc) now so that you’re prepared when the expansion hits, rather than scrambling around later when it’s already a hectic launch.

Matticus: If your guild’s been around for a while, the period in between expansions is a great way to re-examine and re-evaluate your guild goals and directions. Before you actually do that though, go ahead and do a post-mortem of your guild of the current expansion or content patch. Did you end up accomplishing everything that was laid out at the start of the expansion? If yes, then you’re already in a great place! Stick to whatever worked! If you have extra secondary goals, write those down too. The “how” can come later. On the other hand, if you fell short of your own expectations, then sit down and figure out what happened and what lead up to it. Was it the (lack of) people in the guild? Were the conditions and expectations not properly set? Was the process and system not as defined? It might be time to institute some changes. Write down what you want to do, how you’d like to do it, and put it up for everyone to see. You’re going to need people onboard who share the same ideals as you in order to make it happen.

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