Dudeguy asks:

My guild is currently reconsidering its loot system for the next expansion. At the moment we use GDKP, but the other officers want to move to a loot council system. However, we're not sure who the loot should go to first...everyone has a different opinion. Do you gear the tanks up as quickly as possible and then favor healers, and then give the DPS the loot to make the killing faster? And where should seniority factor in?

Lani: This is a good question, and it really depends on how quickly you expect to progress. Personally, Tyranny uses a loot council system, and this is really the only way to go if you are hoping to progress quickly – because it’s the only loot system in which you can actually assign loot. As for where the loot goes, it depends on your guild’s needs: what are you wiping to, and where is that loot best served? Many people would assume that the important roles, like tanks and healers, should be the first to get the loot (and in fact that’s the way we used to do it), we’ve moved away from that; at a certain point, most wipes during progression occur because of slow DPS and hitting enrage timers, not because healers or tanks can’t keep up. For this reason, I feel that loot is most often best served to the DPSers during progression. For items like set pieces or trinkets, however, it is best to do a little bit of research to see which classes and specs benefit the most from the bonuses, as sometimes those pieces can make or break a spec. Finally, always consider the fights ahead of you; if the next fight is a Warlock’s paradise, for example, you may want to feed some loot their way. It’s not always the most drama-free way to manage loot, but it is the way that makes the most sense – in my opinion, at least.

Matt: Questions like this depend where the raid is at in terms of progression. Like Tyranny, Conquest also uses a loot council based system that’s designed to shore up any weaknesses at any stage of a raid season. Early on in a raid tier, you may find that your raid’s healers are struggling with dealing with the amount of damage coming in. Because of this, you may wish to assign loot towards your tanks and healers first. On the other hand, as you begin to approach harder difficulty tiers of raids, your tanks and healers might not be struggling as much anymore. Now part of the problem is ensuring you have enough firepower to take down incoming adds before they overwhelm your group or defeat the boss it goes berserk. The seniority factor is something that should be kept in mind. Reward the players who have stuck around and contributed the most to your raiding events. But take care that you invest in the future of the guild — that is, newer players.

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