This post was originally written by the wonderful Chick GM. I’ve kept many of her answers intact, but added a few of my own.

Let me preface this by saying there are lots of opinions about guild applications. My opinion is but one of many. However, you’ve chosen to visit my corner of the intarwebz, so mine is the one you get to hear.

I view an application to be a tool for eliminating people I clearly don’t want in my guild, with the least amount of reading possible. Basically when I’m done reading the application I want to be thinking, “gee I’d like to talk to that person” or “ewwwww no thanks.” with that goal in mind, I’m going to take you through my guild’s application. Here is a sneak peak into the pitfalls and what I’m really looking for when I read an application to my guild.

This application should take 15-20 minutes to complete. More is not necessarily better. Check out the FAQ before you apply.
This is your warning. Make sure you know what you’re signing up for, and fill this stuff out.

Main Application

Character name: I do need to know what to call you. Also, if your name is Buttfloss or something equally dumb, we will judge you.

Class: yep, this is important too. If you spell your class wrong, I’m not interested.

Armory link: pretty self-explanatory. We check this to make sure that you’re gemming, gearing, enchanting, and speccing in a way that meets our expectations. That said, we also check this for achievements, progression, and reputation to verify the claims you make in your application.

Primary spec, secondary spec: can you play more than your primary spec?

Alts: can you play more than your primary class?

What Country and Time Zone are you?: it’s not a red flag, but if I see anything but North America here, I’m going to need assurances about time differences and ping.

Age: we run an 18+ guild, not because we firmly believe that anyone over 18 is magically more mature, but because if you’re not 18+, you generally aren’t in charge of your own schedule. We don’t want a raider posting absent because he got grounded.

Work/school hours: you would be surprised how many people apply despite the fact they’re going to be an hour late every raid.

General computer specs, connection type and raid frame rate: is your computer capable of handling a large raid setting? Also, if you live somewhere like Australia, we want to see a SpeedTest showing us that your ping to Chicago isn’t terrible.

Please provide us with a link to a WorldOfLogs/WarcraftLogs report that illustrates your performance. If you have more than one feel free to include them. This is required. Apps without logs will be rejected.: and we are not kidding. This is the most important question on the application, but also the one most often ignored – and yes, it is an instant rejection if you cannot provide logs. Telling us your “guild’s logs are private” or your guild “doesn’t log” are not excuses. Get an account and a client, and at the very least go run a Flex. We can’t just take your word that you’re a good player; if you are serious about applying to a guild, you need to have logs.

Furthermore, all logs with your name in them are fair game. The first thing I do when I open a log is click on another fight. I know the fight you’ve linked is your best (and it should be!) but be ready to field questions about the logs you didn’t link as well.

Please provide us with a link to a screenshot of your user interface in a raid: this tells us a lot about how you play: keybind or click, if you have raid timers, how much screen real estate you keep, etc. The esthetics of your interface has no bearing on your application (with the exception of using the Porky font, which is an instant decline…just kidding!)

Tell us about your progression thus far in this expansion. How many bosses have you cleared this tier? Prior tiers (of this expac)? Include dates.: what do I have to teach you to get you up to speed with our current progression? The answer should be almost nothing. While inexperience isn’t always a problem, we unfortunately do not have the time to gear or teach fights to a 13/14 normal mode raider when we’re knee-deep in heroic progression.

Briefly describe your vanilla, tbc, wotlk and cata raiding history. Include major raiding achievements (Death’s Demise, Light of Dawn, etc) and dates. Which guilds did you do it with?: honestly at this point previous experience isn’t a deciding factor, but it does tell me that you’ve had experience in our type of raiding environment before. With less experienced players you have to determine both if this type of raiding commitment and if this guild is for them at the same time. Include major raiding achievements and dates. We don’t need a novel here, but keep in mind: your armory and do exist.

What do you believe your class (and spec) brings to raids? How do you play it and how do you stand apart from others?: I’m looking for an insight into the player’s class knowledge and play style. “I pew stuff” indicates a different personality and understanding of a class than “I provide cc, biscuits and high aoe damage.” Say so if you theorycraft or use any special tools or mods.

What is your previous guild, and why are you leaving?: this is my “plays well with others” section, where I give you a chance to make a jerk of yourself. If you trash your old guild as a bunch of jerks who don’t understand, that raises red flags for me (especially if I know your old gm). If you were booted for ninja looting, I’d make up something about not having compatible raid times.

What do you bring to the guild? Why should we tag you?: Yes, “that” question. I know your answer is going to sound somewhat canned, but this lets me see what values you place importance on. Just don’t be the person who writes “I get amazing parses” or “I’m good-looking”.

How did you hear about us? Honestly, this question is for us. We just want to know what avenues of recruiting are working and which aren’t.

Who do you know in the guild?: Do you have someone in my guild to vouch for you? If you do, do they actually know and like you?

Quick Fire Questions

Briefly describe how you prepare for a boss encounter: this is kind of a give-me. Tell me you read strats, get consumables, and/or talk to friends that have done the fight. Just remember, I keep this application if I tag you. So I’m going to remind you that you do these things.

To what degree do you contribute to the development of a strat?: Our guild is big on making strats long before we ever encounter the boss. You don’t have to contribute, but we want to know where you fall in.

How vocal are you on Ventrilo/Mumble?: We really don’t have time for you to tell us about the sandwich you ate for lunch two years ago, but we do want to make sure you’ll speak up if something goes wrong.

How important to you is getting the “perfect set” of loot for your character? A double-edged sword: we do not want loot whores, but we do want to know that you do aim to be perfect in how you play your character.

How important to you is forging a relationship with your fellow guildmates?: Please don’t be an asshole, but don’t be an attention whore either. This is more a personality question than anything, and putting a “10-very important” is not really going to reflect negatively on you.

Type in the combination of CAPTCHA characters shown: Because we need to make sure you’re not a robot. Also because we hate you.

Please delete the instructional portions of this form before submitting your application.
This is my idiot check. I don’t need to read the instructions to evaluate your app; however, if you’ve deleted them, then I know that you have read them. If you don’t follow directions on your application, you probably won’t follow them in raids either.

And that’s our guild application! There are hundreds and hundreds of different applications out there, each one tailored to fit its specific guild. Did I miss anything? Is there a question you always ask applicants, or an answer which immediately puts up a red flag for you? Let me know!