We Are Here To Serve You

Being in charge of a group of players isn’t easy. When times get tough, there’s often no one to really turn to. There’s no instruction manuals or how-to videos on running a guild, team, or clan. Many of you simply started out just wanting to play the game. Now you’ve evolved into a position where you get to lead players to a common goal. Maybe you asked for it or maybe it just fell in your lap. Whatever the case may be, running a guild is daunting work. Scared?

Don’t worry.

We’re here to help.

Our Valuable Team Members

MatticusEditor, Guild Leader
Current guild leader of Conquest, since 2007. Prior to that, he held officer positions ranging from healing lead to a raid leader. No raider has ever earned a letter grade higher than a B+ under his command. 
TulaniWriter, Officer
Healing Leader and Officer of Tyranny (currently US#19 25man) since 2007. Raiding and leading in a competitive hardcore setting since 2005. Guild Beeroic Champion. Firmly believes Tina Mudclaw was the worst addition ever made to the game.
AuzaraWriter, Retired Guild Leader
Renowned raiding veteran. Former master of the WoW raiding and leadership blog “Chick GM”. Sometimes talks to herself.
KaoticaContributing Editor, Advisor
Founder and Co-GM of Entropi, an active community with multiple raid teams of progression- focused veteran WoW players, (US #86 H-SoO). Vanilla Rogue. Building teams in WoW since 2005.
Interested in joining the team? Send us your resumé and a few ideas, and this could be you!